howto text on round start?
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    howto text on round start?

    got a question :)
    how the title says .....
    well i found in client.dll the var "round_start". i tried to coding in this way. it doesnt work :( ... maybe i do a mistake or maybe it doesnt work in this way.
    so i hope some1 can post the code what i search for.

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    i think you could make it with the game event manager ...

    base.m_pGameEventManager->AddListener( this, "round_start", false );



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    base.m_pGameEventManager->AddListener( this, "round_start", false );
    what youre meaning with -this- ?
    cant you post the complete code (with the say command)?
    anyway ty

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    learn coding ... you so noob ....

    sry for that but.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Helo View Post
    base.m_pGameEventManager->AddListener( this, "round_start", false );
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    he should use the game event manager i mean ... that?s not all src but there enought pubplic src?s to make that... like statsbox etc.
    like mine:

    and with that game eventmanager you could make very many things
    like: weapon_fire, bomb_begindefuse, round_start,player_hurt,door_moving,
    flashbang_detonate,hegrenade_detonate,grenade_boun ce,
    item_pickup,weapon_zoom,vip_killed,vip_escaped,hos tage_rescued_all,

    that only a little part ... there are many more events...
    then you could make autobuy, warning systems .... i don?t know so much...


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    ty but you write a long text ... why do you cant post that what i need?

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    because so easy it is?nt, and so you make perhaps c&p and you learn not so much ... look in all public src?s in some usefull parts.


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    yea i could do it but i dont find a source code with this function ...
    maybe you know a hack source for css with it?

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    If im not mistaken with the new 06 SDK i believe that the IGameEventManager is not to be used as it catches all events, you can use the new IGameEventManager2 to catch and register only the events you want server or client side.

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