Looking for advice (Java programmer)
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    Looking for advice (Java programmer)

    OK, I'm very efficient at programming in Java and VB.net (sadly we had to learn that at college).

    I'm looking to learn Cpp, obviously we have some experts here, although I'm looking at learning _most_ basic/standard Cpp and after a few months moving to specialize possibly in injection but we'll see when I get to that.

    Anyone with a few years of Cpp knowledge like to recommend a good site, book. Also, I'll be looking to get myself a decent IDE so if anyone has recommendations on that :)

    Thanks :)

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    I'd recommend cprogramming.com for fast basics, or if you really wanna get into it Accelerated C++ by Addison Wesley.
    About the IDE, if you want a free one you can download DEV-C++ from bloodshed.net, I wouldn't recommend it tho, get mvs.

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