Before I Purchase...
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    Before I Purchase...

    Before I purchase, is there any warranty or anything? Like if I get banned fomr using the hacks, from VAC or something, will I get another account? Sorry for asking a dumb question, and i know these must be VAC secured, but just wondering. Also, it is 16$ right? Someone said it used to be like 11 or 12 o.O

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    No, there is no warranty. But the VIP has had 0 detections for over a year now. Yes, it is $16.

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    Honestly, truthfully

    You will never be VAC BANNED by using VIP ,you may by other shitty hacks; but not this, as Hobo said
    VIP has had 0 detections for over a year now
    it's honest. If you hear shit; it's fake, people just use public hacks before they buy VIP which leaves them in shit; to blame P7.

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    i've been using the p7 3.0 public, its vac proof right? my friend said that its not cause when they edited 2.8 on 2.9, they didnt change it or somethin... something like that then it led up to 3.0

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    yes it should still be proof

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    no vac proof ?
    what's aequila ?

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