Holy shit.

Thread: Holy shit.

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    Holy shit.

    P7 VIP is fucking addicting!--

    Before I got VIP I was trying some pub hacks, and they were fun, not bad; now that I have the p7 VIP I am absolutely amazed at the difference between this private hack and those pubs. It's fucking amazing. It makes the others look like childs play.

    It's even easy to use, with the preloaded configs, I just went in and used fum1ns Rage CFG, and the FIRST time I ever used the program I annihilated everything, even another hacker using some shit ass program!

    Screenshot speaks for itself

    after about 2 hours of raging this server I depopulated it and moved on >:p

    I have no doubt that this is among the best of the best

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    tru dat

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    ya boi it is truly a great hack

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    amen brother best shit i ever used

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