aeq proof?!

Thread: aeq proof?!

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    aeq proof?!

    is p7 aequitas proof?

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    No, not yet. Should be at some point.

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    You have to buy ring0. I dont think P7 will be making any league proofens becuse of the new Ring0 hacks.
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    ring0 hacks were always out, why would fum1n stop now? That makes no sense?

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    true besides he said before they came out that there will be p7 proofens for leagues "soon"

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    * CAL ACS Bypass - Coming Soon
    * ESEA ACS Bypass- Coming Soon
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    * X-Ray ACS Bypass - Coming Soon
    * VAC2 - 100% VAC2 proof! Un******** Forever 0 detections in over 1 year.

    Says it there why would the LIE! lol

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    If your desperate for AEQ go for ring0, if not and can wait for AEQ for for P7 v5.

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