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    Hi yes im from EA and im coming here due to vac bans ye no "OMFG J00 SUCK" i need a good hack and ppl r telling me P7 aimbot is good and its cheap ive noticed is it in a CMS? and how quick is activation? and do u get a cafe with subscrinbing or is tht seperate?

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    The aimbot is good and cheap, thats true.
    Activation takes about 24-48 hours on a normal day, and no, you do not get the cafe too. Its seperate.

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    kejnajn covered it all p7 has the best aimbot and all the best options

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    alright cool also does it have a speed key?

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    Quote Originally Posted by appz View Post
    bindable to 5 different keys tbh.

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    cool can it be binded to shift

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    Btw, if you have any more questions just ask me on xfire :b

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    If you have a request put it in the request thread or PM me, and I will notify fum1n.

    Edit : I will tell him to add shift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by purepunk View Post
    cool can it be binded to shift
    if fum1n brings back the sv cheats bypass then u can use framerate speed which makes the speed key shift

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