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    :D ordered

    Just oredered 3month one nice price since EA is very slow i would say P7 is a lot more established at the moment. And can by any chance one of the admins change my username to The Evil Scotsman?

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    Lmfao. You're the 3rd that has came from EA. I will notify an admin.

    edit : hi2u xzhbitittitt

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    EA is obviously very leeb site since it's VIP users are beginning to search for better.

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    Yeh :) its not that there shit its just they need more coders to actually get the work done. I got a temp 7 day ban for saying there coding was sloppy.
    Bear with me as i am an ignorant cunt.

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    More coders? We only have one here lol. Updates come alot. It's just the leet w4v says OMG VAC IS SO EASY, then they get fucking owned TWICE LOL. OMG VALVE BROKE INTO MY SITE AND GOT OUR HACKS RIFK worst lies ever.

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    wow 1 coder O.o fum1n must be gd coder then :p and who is the kid in the banner with the permy all over his mouf?

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    lol people not laughing with him they laugh at him?

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