I know you Are wondering!!
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    I know you Are wondering!!

    I Payed For the C:SS V.i.P yesterday with paypal. And You have to Download all the stuff On this Fourm before you can use the hack.(WHEN YOU BYE VIP YOU cant activate this Fourm yet.) Only 4 things to download and very fast if you Don't have them All ready. Then you Will the Open the HWID and post it On one of the the link you see above so he can Activate the Hack. This Is a done So a FAG from Any outer Gaming Site cant Just put this hack On any other Site. {Noob Dictionary- Anti-leak!}
    But It only take 24 hours. But trust Me it iS So worth IT:D

    Check Out the other Reviews for more Information:)


    ViP Us3R
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    1. You posted a link to a section of the forums non subscribers can't access.
    2. Four things to download? HWID tool, post it up, it gets deleted, download the hack. Count = 2 :? And there are only three things in the VIP Download section anyways, one of which you don't really need unless you decide to use other people's posted configs, that aren't already in the proper format.
    3. Most people figure such out by information that is already posted, or simply by common sense, save for the random nub here and there.
    4. Not a totally horrible post, but you should have put it in Pre-sale Questions really, not testimonials, despite your saying it's worth it. Like I said though, not totally horrible. Enjoy your hack.

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    Fucking rifk sodmen

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    Um.. I think you missed a lot bro.. I won't even mention the grammar... oops, I just did, sorry.
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