Cant buy VIP

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    Cant buy VIP

    Says my credit card cannot be used for this transaction..any help? I have a visa gold card..ive purchased hacks on other sites...this is the only one that doesnt like if an admin would let me send a payment to them or something and add my VIP status
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    Umm, Im Not Sure Try These 3 things.

    1.Make a Paypal acount if Not all ready and then try.
    2.Might try using a different Credit card {Just Get a prepaid with the exact amount the hack you wish to buy. Get at and prepaid at Wal-mart,CVS}
    3.Or try it on another Computer you Computer might not transfer the data to the paypal sever to transfer you Money for you Great p7 hack.


    ViP Us3R

    If this dosent work i suggest to talk to an p7 admin

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    Hey buddy thanks for the suggestion..paypal is gay..told me to add my bank way im gonna let paypal access that..It wouldnt let me send any amount of USD over 16.50..I will try to buy VIP again in a few days...if not..I will send my friend the money and have him do it for me..but thats for the help

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    Why wouldnt give paypal your bank account?
    Id not rly care but what i did was entering it to get verified to deleted it right away
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    I'm sure paypal would go inside ur bank acc. -.-
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    Yea I just dont trust those bastards ^_^

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    Issue settled. Locked.
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