Payment Methods For VIP
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    Payment Methods For VIP


    I don't have a credit card or paypal, so are there other ways of paying for VIP? Eg. I am a good webdesigner/gfx designer, maybe if I did some cool stuff for the forum like banners, logos, or a Project-7 clan site maybe etc.



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    P7 Doesnt have a clan...and i dnt think we will get one :(

    You will have to wait for a admin to reply....i dont sugestt PM'ing one as they get enough of them!

    Just wait for a Mod or a Smod or even a admin to reply to here :)

    I Belive paypal is the only way

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    OK thanks for the quick reply.

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    we Have enough Graphic Designers allready all i can offer is Bank Deposit..

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    well I have no way of paying real money, and I'm not trying to be cheap - honest xD

    I know there are loads of gfx designers here, but look at my post in the gfx forum with my portfolio, plus I can start a forum skin for project 7 now.

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    Were full.
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    :eek: I have no way of proving myself worthy of being in gfx team then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matto View Post
    :eek: I have no way of proving myself worthy of being in gfx team then?

    I dont know. I'm simply going with what Hellboy said. To me it sounds like were fine on people that will do GFX or whatever. Its the admins choice however not mine.
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    -the goat

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    lol ok, well have you seen my portfolio? What do you think?

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    I've vewied you're Deviant before, alot of you're stuff differs between good and alright. Now, lets try to stay on topic with this please. Just wait for another reply from Hellboy or xxz (fum1n).
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    -the goat

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