How long take to get access after paying
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    How long take to get access after paying

    Dear all,

    It is my first time Buying the private hack and I wanna know how long to take access to the private hacks.

    I just payed that.

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    after u have paid u have acces to forums, but you need to post your hwid to be added and then u can use the hack

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    Where I get the HWID and where I need post that?

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    its in the private section, im not vip anymore so i cant give the link.

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    go to the downloads section and download the hwid thingy then run it and it gives you a number, then post that in the same thread.

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    After that, u have to wait some time until your post with your hwid is deleted. Dont know how long but it seems like some days or a week. Then u can download the hack from the vip section.
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    that should be done auto

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