Question about the menu and arrow keys
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    Question about the menu and arrow keys

    it's possible to only register the arrow keys when the Menu is opened?
    I mean, when it's closed and I using the arrow keys, the values of the options in the menu change.
    It's possible to turn this off?


    EDIT: I have a second question: How it's possible that the game doesn't crah when I want to join to a RPG Server?
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    To answer you're second question :
    It isn't possible, The game will crash in about 20 seconds - 5 minutes.

    So you better use a random name, go in and pwn everybody with you're a***ing P7 aimbot!
    :) Then you're good xD

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    omfg mate it's the bases of C, learn it first..

    if ur using p7 menu, put "gMenu.KeyMenuEvent();" after "if(!bMenu) return;"

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    I know bases of C++, but not of Source-Coding ;)
    Thx Hello, it works ;)

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