Can i use a visa card to buy P7?
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    Can i use a visa card to buy P7?

    i want to buy P7 with my visa card, because my paypal dont work

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    have you tried adding your visa to paypal? like link it?.. i think they only accept paypal lol

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    its because my old email getting hacked, and when i will get my visa card to my new paypal, it says that my card allready is registed on another paypal :(

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    go into your old paypal.. go into profile and edit debit/credit cards...
    from this step you can remove the card from your paypal.. and then you can make a new paypal
    that would be easy right?

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    no its not easy, because i cant remember my old account name, or password..

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    oh man, can i not just buy with my visa card? without paypal

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    how could you forget your username and password haha thats badluck then.. isnt ti just your email.. then you can find out ur password

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    i know my accountname, but i dont know my password, i have tryed 500 times now :S i dont know what to do :(

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    maybe i just can buy with my VISA , without paypal, i hope im lucky

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    lols you can try to use the FORGOT password command? or call paypal up.. many different ways you can take.. btw you are double posting lol

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