Problems with the ClientCmd
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    Problems with the ClientCmd

    I have a problem with the ClientCmd command.

    base.m_pEngine->ClientCmd("mat_fullbright 1");
    not working (why?):
    base.m_pEngine->ClientCmd("exec fdm.cfg");
    thX, thoseHacker!

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    test it without ".cfg". i think it is not needed ...


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    Oh, I forgot the error message.
    Unknown command "exec"
    not working too:
    base.m_pEngine->ClientCmd("name d-fsdkfhsjvdfnvk");
    Same error with "name".

    thx, thoseHacker!

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    ConCommandBase* fb = main.m_pCvar->FindVar("mat_fullbright");
    should work.
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    Do it work when I use the following?

    ConCommandBase* fb = main.m_pCvar->FindVar("name");
    Thx fumin!

    If I try it with exec or name, both give the same error - unknown Command.

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    Hey, I don't want to spam, but nothing of this works.
    I need a command to exec a cfg:
    m_pEngine->ClientCmd("exec bla.cfg");
    doesn't work!
    This error appears:
    FCVAR_CLIENTCMD_CAN_EXECUTE prevented running command: exec
    Unknown command: exec
    Thx, thoseHacker

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    i guess fcvar whatever is some cvar flag
       ConCommandBase* Cvar = HellosCheat.pCvar->FindVar("exec" );
                Cvar->m_nFlags |= FCVAR_CLIENTCMD_CAN_EXECUTE;

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    Thx, Hello!
    But the compiler doesn't know what FCVAR_CLIENTCMD_CAN_EXECUTE is...
    I looked into the Developer Console Control - Valve Developer Community , but theres nothing which can be pass my problem...

    FCVAR_CLIENTCMD_CAN_EXECUTE prevented running command: exec
    Unknown command: exec


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    i know that this hack is 1 year old

    but use
    m_pEngine->ExecuteClientCmd("exec blah");
    i just dont like it if there is no solution in threads

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