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    No Roll?

    Does any one know the code for noroll?? im trying to do the Catalyst no spread this shaking some of u maybe remember but i cant figure out how to do it... i think its done by no spread no recoil and no roll but i dont know if anyone of u know more plz tell me

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    I think its a console command 0_o. I may be wrong be wrong.
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    i dunno either but it have to be possible with todays codes its possible but i have to figure out how :) its hard cuz Catalyst was a great hack

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    Um, what does no roll do exactly?

    EDIT: Oh, prevents the crosshair from moving up when firing?

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    no when u get Hs'ed or fall down from high places ur like shaky or something :P it removes this xD idk if im right =D
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    No Roll removes EVERY F***** movement of ur weapon anything is removed

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    anyone got the code for NoRoll? would be great :)

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