gigantic noob question x3
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    gigantic noob question x3

    Hey guys,as you may know im learning c++ and also making my own little crappy hack to mess around with.Anyways im having a big noob problem with trying to edit the ESP src menu and change the menu to the Ghetto game deception GUI V3.Please don't flame me,i know this is a really nooby question.If someone can help me out,that'd be nice.If you want you can add me to xfire and talk there: duffdude12
    Thank you VERY much for your time

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    hey guy,
    1.please learn c++ (there are many tutorials/books on the internet) not flaming u (this is a good mind ;) )
    3.try to edit some code and watch what happens in game (if u dont learn c++)

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    1. I am a bit
    2. I know :) so ty
    3. I also am doing that,just having trouble with the menu so i guess i shall learn more *searches for book*

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    show what you have for the actual menu.txt so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolo View Post
    show what you have for the actual menu.txt so far
    Its better for me to just keep trying,lolwrust is right i gotta stfu more and learn by myself and learn more c++ so i will :)

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    push crtl+f fag

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    Quote Originally Posted by themobjob View Post
    push crtl+f fag
    Nice bump fucking idiot. :)

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