Me owning a hacking server until...
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    Me owning a hacking server until...

    me owning a hacking server until this one guy who claims he cracked p7 vip and used against me everyone else left before he came

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    Nice rage

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    Wow, there's sooooooo much rage here. fail

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    I love your fps bro..

    what do u got.. a 5200FX?

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    I had better fps than that =) i had 9 fps on a ss here some place =)
    U n 1 V E r sA L

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    no one has the cracked version of P7 vip

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    i do and the no spread crashes so their is no way he could have owned u with just no recoil

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    LOlloolo gangsta stroke

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    rifk XXX is from
    he was using vh vip.
    like i do =]

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    then you must fail as well

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