P7 VIP hack :-)

Thread: P7 VIP hack :-)

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    P7 VIP hack :-)

    Added my HWID today and its alreaded added to hack.. wow that went fast..

    Damn its a nice hack.. tho i not good at it.. i dont understand the menu.. but i just loaded Sushi's Rage config or something :D

    its worth all the money, tho i still want to use HoH hack when the new will release..

    btw, i got pwned by a hacker but he was using something.. i could hit him but he only did cuz i respawnede all the time.

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    hoh's hack is being coded by someone else now.

    when aVitamin coded it was awesome.

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    What do u mean?.

    i know.. just saying i will try the new HoH vip hack :D

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