how long will life be
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    how long will life be

    When you buy a life time how long do you reckon that will be?? or do you guys think you will really be up for another 70 years lol.

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    i think life time is 10 years, which i think is enough time to either get bored of the game or when the new cs comes out people wont play source anymore.

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    Once your lifetime hwid is added to the hack and you've downloaded it, it's urs.
    You will always have the hack then, eventhough if P7 closed you'd still have the hack

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    its basically for aslong as p7 is open

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    if u buy a lifetime you will have 10 years

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    no actully you get it aslong as P7 stays online
    and then even if it closes down you will still have it

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    yes as long as u dont format your computer then yur hwid will change >.<

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    when p7 dies

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    I think hes got the point.
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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