TF2 VIP Questions :D
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    TF2 VIP Questions :D

    i saw the one year was only 12 usd?

    after purchase how long before you can start using the hack? (like how long do you have to wait before download and does an admin have to add your name etc.)

    and does this pic apply to the TF2 hacks that are currently out here now :D

    also if the hack does get ******** does the software not launch when the people here in the forums find out or is it basically very low chance of being ******** in the future?

    lol last question does this work on CAL servers? (Cyber Athlete League)


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    It isnt CAL proof. The pictures arent the same. The new has more pretty ESP and XQZ, as well as aimbot, and the hack is undected.
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    -the goat

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    so if i purchased right now i could use it right now :D ?

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    takes up to 2 days to add your hwid but get it its well worth it

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    2 hours to 2 days.
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    -the goat

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