alright, so ive done some c++, now what?
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    alright, so ive done some c++, now what?

    okay, so ive done a C course at college, finished the course easily, same for the c++ course. But now what? I understand that a certain level of expertise is required to even begin thinking about coding hacks for css, such as injecting the hack, editing DMA's, so on, and so forth, i'm just wondering what the next step that i should take in order to become a more proficient programmer and start making/helping with CSS hack projects. My first guess about the next step would be more towards malware, working with windows and such, editing things to my liking which arnt normally supposed to be edited. just wondering if anyone could give me a couple of handy links and a point in the direction i should be looking at. thanks for any advice given people.

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    Im not too great with c++ and i code hacks sometimes but im not great.What i think your next step should be is to DL any hack source for example the [p7] esp src,look at it,see the functions,edit a few things and try to understand what everything is.Im not sure but i think malware and Trojans and shit like that won't help you in creation of hacks anyways that was just a suggestion,ill go back into my dark corner xD

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