Regarding Wallhack
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    Regarding Wallhack

    ok im about to buy VIP subscription for CSS.

    what i have

    CSS v17 [updated to V18] from digitalforum Non Steam
    i play on a cracked server the only server from my country. i dont play on any other server.
    the server i play on had Detox 1.1 anti-cheat installed.

    what i badly need is Radar Hack. . and Wall Hack. i've tried other hacks (even paid 50 bucks for it) but the wall hack doesnt work.

    so does Wallhack work (can see only players thru walls as i saw it on the video)
    i dont like the transparent walls.
    how does Radar hack work ? do you have all the player names, health status, distance and stuff ?

    if possible give me a link to a video. and since i only play on one server only i need to know this.

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    Radar was taken out of an unkown reason. But our wall hacks work on Detox so long as you dont pull an illegal sv_cheats 1 command.
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    does it work smoothly on Non Steam edition ? any conflicts or problems ?

    im thinking of buying CSS Steam edition.

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    no it should work on nonsteam perfectly

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    This is a cheat, not some stupid material wall hack or some messed up ESP positioning. It should work smoothly on registered Steam or Non-Steam.

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    it will work. have fun

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