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Thread: EA vs Project-7

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    EA vs Project-7

    Personally I think I might buy P-7, I've tried to avoid asking questions about the hacks on Project-7 and other hack sites, but I want to know. Why should I buy P-7, I know its cheaper, but my friend tells me EA is really good. But unfortunately price doesn't always equal quality.


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    AHH EA Fails xD the best Hack is P7 ! Thake a look @ VIP Testimonials this hack owns and look into the Rage Section

    Cheap and n1 quality and good support

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    EA's new update is nice, and so is P7, but its all up to you though, depends if u want to pay more or pay less

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    no it depends if you wanna spend 100 dollars for a vac ban or not

    ea will ban you
    p7 won't

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    Man this XTC is really high. Suddenly came out of nowhere & insulting everyone :-\.
    Anyways, I am doing Computer science & also working for Google as a designer :-).
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    You are mentally challenged if you think you are making a point.
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    hmm can see why honor gives u a hard time. Your a dickhead
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    Please post screenshot of your PP, where you make 2500 $ + A month, then I will allow you to talk with me. If you do not post screenshot, refrain from contacting me further or trying to flame me, because you are on the level of a maggot right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d71 View Post
    no it depends if you wanna spend 100 dollars for a vac ban or not

    ea will ban you
    p7 won't

    man its UP TO HIM!!! but yea, i haven't been banned yet from EA nor P7, if u want to rage man, go wif p7, if u wanna get legit go w/ ea lulz ( don't rage, or fkn quote me on this)

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    m.sx is more like it tbh. i mean they got mattdog.
    yalung is watching

    -the goat

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    Quote Originally Posted by psp4ever View Post
    rofl grim hacks
    a failure of sorts rifk.

    also id suggest p7, i had it before back in 07 early 08 it was real good.
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    p7 would surely win in hvh and i can go legit with it very well.......

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    asking here will obviously get you a bias opinion towards p7, I'll be the bigger m3n this time and say both of our sites are good, EA tends to take the internet a little to seriously, and try to confuse you with big words and false promises, however there hack is okay-ish, but honestly if you went into a server with a p7 pub user you would get ripped apart.
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