Anti-aim Angles?
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    Anti-aim Angles?

    Alright, so I'm not very familiar with anti-aim but I noticed while I was messing with the angles on this code when I use the D key I move left and when I use my A key I move right.

    Is there anyway to fix this?

    if( base.m_psCvar->misc_aa && !base.m_pUtil->IsAttacking( cmd ) ) 
    			    if (cmd->buttons &IN_LEFT||cmd->buttons &IN_MOVELEFT){	
    					cmd->viewangles.x -= (vec_t)19496.0f;;
    					cmd->viewangles.y -= (vec_t)-189.000000f;;
    					cmd->viewangles.z = (vec_t)fmod(-360.0f,360.0f);
    				else if (cmd->buttons &IN_RIGHT||cmd->buttons &IN_MOVERIGHT){
    					cmd->viewangles.x -= (vec_t)19392.0f;
    					cmd->viewangles.y -= (vec_t)189.000000f;
    					cmd->viewangles.z = (vec_t)fmod(-360.0f,360.0f);
    				else {
    					cmd->viewangles.x -= (vec_t)183.000000f;
    					cmd->viewangles.y -= (vec_t)181.000000f;
    					cmd->viewangles.z =  (vec_t)fmod(-360.0f,360.0f);		

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    lmao nice x angle

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    yep, 19496.0f does it.


    but yea.. gonna keep altering til I find one that actually works.

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    the maximum angle is 360, anything else won't work.

    also you don't need all them .0000's.
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    just make it change vectors for walking normally D:

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