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    My ftp

    Help D: I've never actually had to do this before but.. here it goes. I recently got a ftp with a quote in it. Its a donated ftp so I can't change the name of it or anything. How would I include it into my programs? because when i go to add say. Where something uploads to when i put "ftp:\\***.******.***".***" it only reads it until right before the third period. I don't know how the fuck it got there but its driving me crazy.

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    escape the quote...

    if using c++ its as simple as putting a \ before it



    like for example say I wanted this string to have quotes in it..(around

    You are currently on

    char mystring[] = "You are currently on \"\"";

    now printing it somewhere would result in

    You are currently on ""

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    Why the hell you replied to banned user at old thread?

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