Please help me.

Thread: Please help me.

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    Please help me.

    I am interested in buying the vip package 1.

    I got a paypal with 54,73 EUR but I can't send my payment =(.
    I could give my account do, I want to try p7.

    If somebody could help me plz do so.

    Thank you.

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    Do you get an error or what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psp4ever View Post
    Do you get an error or what.
    IDK it just doesn't let me =/ I have the money but nothing.

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    You may not have a credit card or bank account attached to the account. I can't remember for sure if such is required to send general payments, but it couldn't hurt to check if you have at least one attached to the account. Those are the only two things I can think of that would prevent you from sending a payment.

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