Previous Subscriptions?
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    Previous Subscriptions?

    Hello, I remember that before (about the start of this year or so) i purchased a lifetime V.I.P. Subscription to and HouseofHacks that was about 50ish years in length or so. I just wanted to ask to clarify that if previous subscriptions were terminated because I am not subscribed anymore.
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    well if he is lying or not only the moderators/administrators know for sure.But yea ,he is probably lying trying to get free VIP subscription....

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    I think you need to purchase p7 vip again. Cause Something happened with HoH, i dont remember....basically, its too late.

    EDIT: I think

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    We can know if hes lying or not by him posting the transaction ID
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    We can know that this thread was inactive before doomrazr posted. As seeing this thread is about 1 month old and the user is inactive, this thread is closed to prevent further post.

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