*READ* P7 Is Recruiting!
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    *READ* P7 Is Recruiting!

    Hey, we're looking for a few staff members.

    First of all you must have at least 100 posts before we will even read your application. You must be at least 16 years of age and mature, helpful and willing to spend your time helping others. You must also be active and reliable.

    Positions open:

    • Job(# of people needed)

    • CS:S Release/Help Forum Moderator(1)
    • Other Game Forum Moderator(4)
    • Coding Forum Moderator(1)
    • Raging Forum Moderator(1)
    • Advertisement Manager(5)

    Benefits of these positions are free access to our V.I.P. software as long as your a moderator and of course a larger e penis.

    Application Form:
    Position Applying for:
    Why we should make you a moderator:
    POST YOUR APPLICATIONS BELOW, PM ME THEM OR CONTACT ME ON XFIRE ( dfkalashnikov = xfire username )

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    Alias: PokeBall Master Charmander level 69
    Age: 8 (turning 9 next year)
    Contact(MSN/XFIRE/IRC/VENT/TS/): CharmanderMasterBoy69
    Info: Im a petty col dod
    Position Applying for: huh
    Why we should make you a moderator: it would be a bad idea to make me a moderator
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    Alias: Zippo205


    Contact: xfire: laradin
    msn: wont tell in public

    Info: Trying to pay the bills

    Position Applying for: Other Game Forum Moderator (But ill take watherver one you have)

    Why we should make you a moderator: Because i can do my job right and always be there to help others while contributing to the forums
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    nigga stole my sig

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    Alias: doomrazr

    Age: 18

    Contact(MSN/Xfire): doomrazr@hotmail.com
    Xfire is doomrazr

    Info: Computer science student, knowledge of c++, PS, DW and more

    Position Applying for: Advertisement Manager, CSS Release/Help Forum Moderator,
    Other Game Forum Moderator, I would like any of those.

    Why we should make you a moderator: I am very skilled, trustworthy and reliable person,
    loyal and willing to help others, I like P7 and will stay faithful, and of course I will do my job very good.
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    Alias: Drift



    Info: Student in High school, love drifting and playing CSS..i am very active and loyal and mature :D

    Position Applying for:Raging Forum Moderator,CS:S Release/Help Forum Moderator, or Other Game Forum Moderator

    Why we should make you a moderator: Well to start it off i am on everyday look at the forums and checking it out. i am very active cause i always get on the computer right after i come back from school.i am mature i can deal with asshole and other bullshit crap from those immature user. i use to mod a forum for a website me and my friends made.i also watch other people moderate the forum and it teach me some stuff and i learn from it.i moderate before, i want to use my free time on something because i have LOTS of free time after school. i use to be a VIP a few months ago and i want to do something for P7 because they hax help me.
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    Alias: Pieru
    Age: 16
    Contact: MSN: mikju_92@hotmail.com xfire: pieruu
    Info: Been in the hacking scene for a while, trying to help people in css hacking things as much as i can, i try to be a nice person.
    Position Applying for:Css release and help
    Why we should make you a moderator: I can help beginners to start up hacks, im online usually, I try to be nice and helpful.
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    Name: Joshua Killingback
    Age: 16
    Contact: Xfire: Savageprawnboy
    Info: I leik hax and gravy
    Position Applying for:Anything
    Why we should make you a moderator: 1 |-|4z p3rf3c7 9r4|\/||\/|4r!!!! I will be releasing a priv8 hack called gravybot v2.0, m'kay thnxbai.

    if you pick me i will send you an 8th of weed in the post, just give me your homeaddress and credit card details.
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    Just to let everyone know, when we have some more applications I will be opening polls in the staff forums. Each applicant will require 4+ YES votes to be accepted.
    How To Contact Me@[b/]

    Private Message me for any important issues or just say Hi :) I'm not a robot.

    ---- (No Support!) ----
    Wanna Hang out ? Add me or Join my communities below:

    Add be on Discord : dr0ps25#7946 ;-)
    or Join Our Community Server :
    dr0ps Project-7 Telegram Community Chat: https://t.me/+pAb_mrtrjXg1ZDlk

    ---- (24/7 Customer Support) ----

    Private Message
    Email: " support 'at' Project-7. 'net' "

    Create Support Ticket on Discord!
    Discord Server:

    Would you like to work in the cheating industry ? Project-7 is hiring a varient of new employees. We're currently in requisite of quite a few talents to add into the relaunched company now that we have a more professional and precise structure in place to provide real paid work for anyone willing to help our team grow:[/b]

    We're currently looking for multiple types of forum moderators and content creators/posters, we're offering quite a few paid positions for you to just talk about cheats on the community!

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    Alias: HunTer
    Age: 16
    Contact(MSN/XFIRE/IRC/VENT/TS/): pmathiasj@hotmail.com (MSN) irc, Vent
    Info: Been For P7 For a long time (dec 07 means almost a year!:D) And ive been active almost the whole time, exept some weeks when i was on holiday.
    Position Applying for: Anything acctually! (exept C++ Forum since i cant heven C+P)
    Why we should make you a moderator: I want to help ppl as good as i can, ive been here for along time.
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    xfire: lawgiver2
    Info: registered long time ago, one of the first members after relaunch
    Position Applying for: CS:S Release/Help Forum Moderator
    Why we should make you a moderator:
    hm, i seem pretty active and resptected at the site so well, why not? :D
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