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    Previous Subscriptions

    The information i can provide about my previous subscription is that before my name got turned into question marks it was somewhere along the lines of ΐĩđέ↔Řųη. Most of the alt letters were turned into question marks. I also ordered the VIP before the hellb0y situation. I pmed him with my comp id (which has now changed since i got a new computer) to activate my lifelong subscription to Project 7 and House of Hacks. When, my steam account got banned, i stopped playing for a few months. When i wanted to start playing, the Project-7 site was down and so was HouseofHacks. That was probably when hellb0y was trying to take over the server. I paid the money for VIP with my friends paypal. I can give the email address to an admin if they want to check. All i want to know is will i get my previous subscription back.

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    Did you purchase the subscription from P7 or HoH?
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    I purchased a lifelong subscription from P7 for project-7 and house of hacks. My mistake- i pmed hellb0y with my paypal details and posted the comp id in a thread in VIP forum.

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    Well pm slabhouse the same info you pmed hellboy. As long as you have the info and bought it from p7.

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