LNK Errors when using OB Base Hook
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    LNK Errors when using OB Base Hook

    Hello guys,
    Im done with some ESP stuff for CSS with its normal source sdk but when getting into the Orange Box SDK(using the public Base Hook from here) VS03 started to give me some annoying LNK errors.

    First I only wanted to add distance esp.

    float GetDistance( Vector vOrigin )
    	IClientEntity  *pLocalEnt = pEntityList->GetClientEntity( pEngFuncs->GetLocalPlayer() );
    	if ( pLocalEnt == NULL )
    		return 999999.0f;
    	Vector vDelta = vOrigin - pLocalEnt->GetAbsOrigin();
    	return sqrtf( vDelta.Length() );
    When adding this into cheat_main.cpp the compiler gives me a:

    proofens error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "float (__cdecl* pfSqrt)(float)" (?pfSqrt@@3P6AMM@ZA) referenced in function "float __cdecl VectorLength(class Vector const &)" (?VectorLength@@YAMABVVector@@@Z)

    Any idea what I can do ?

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    I belive its because of this


    get rid of it

    could be wrong

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    I believe it's because of this disease called "Down syndrome" causes include being born in an Austrian basement, buying EA VIP, beating off to ebony porn and being from The U.S.A. The only known cure is to crack open your own skull and eat the goo inside.

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    Think Im wrong here askin for help...

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    try this:

    int Distance( Vector one, Vector two )
    return( one.DistTo( two ) );

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    Im wondering why I have to use another code ? My CSS hack works exactly like this. Do I miss some includes or libs ?

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