CS:S Hack Feature Question
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    CS:S Hack Feature Question

    Does the CSS Hack have something similar to No View Change currently working? It was the only feature I liked about the EA hack, and it is very convienient when you are aimbotting (especially in CSS DM and games with many people) and you don't do random 120 degree turns when you are trying to get somewhere.

    For the people who don't understand:

    It is a hack that makes your view unchanged, while you still aimbot and kill. It is hard to explain.
    When I said random 120 degree turns I meant when you are walking somewhere and someone pops out behind you somewhere and your view flips backwards.
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    No p7 currently does not have "silent aim". It is in the suggestions list though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psp4ever View Post
    No p7 currently does not have "silent aim". It is in the suggestions list though.
    Ehm. Not silent aim.
    I mean it's still a normal aimbot but when the aimbot aims and fires your viewpoint doesn't change. I'm just going to assume you dont have it.
    Ah well. Still worth it.

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    You don't think I know what no view change is? Silent aim = no view change. Just different names, same thing :) .

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    I agree, No View Change is same thing as silent aim.

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    is he not talking about changing the field of view???

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    No he's talking about silent aiming which has conveniently been renamed to a much more technically advanced name by the cool guys over at EA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by =Pro=Ev View Post
    is he not talking about changing the field of view???
    This is not trying to promote EA in any way i just cant find any other good example.

    This is what im talking about:
    He still aimbots but his view doesnt change


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    We all know what it is lol.

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    Seems like a cool feature. Technically the aimbot is snapping to their heads u just dont see it. Not like that matters its the same effect.

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