Before i Purchase
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    Before i Purchase

    Are the css hacks cal/cevo un********, the only thing theyd have to do is be screen shot proof.

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    They are but you CANT run Visuals (ESP.Wallhack.Crosshairs..etc). I'm thinking about just running the trigger bot which will be effective but yet not blantant as if you were just using the FOV Aimbot feature. I've only been VIP here for past month. But have using publics for year now I think of p7 as more of a RAGE type play rather then your legit-play for Leagues. But all visuals must be off and you CANT open the menu while you play ether. One more thing, The Hacks are Screenshot proof if they are done manual by press the screenshot button while ingame (F5 by default), I'm pretty positive that Anti-Cheats SS's will show the hacks, I tested it with Xfire by pressing Scroll Lock-S, And the SS"s were not clean.

    Please any one correct me if I'm wrong....
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