Features useable in Cal?
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    Features useable in Cal?

    I'm considering purchasing this hack after trying the public version however i would like to know witch features can be enabled in Cal/Cevo.

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    Visuals are not proofed, so you can use aimbot/triggerbot smoothaim etc

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    I would think that an aimbot is far to suspicious for league hacking, would be able to use ESP features tho?

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    Visuals show up in the demos(anything thats on ur screen that isnt normal :P)

    but i think cal changed there rules so you only have to turn your demo in if you get disputed

    so you might be able to get away with it if u look really legit

    dont stick it to me

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    Sounds good guys, ill buy this nextweek!

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    I used almost all features of the hack, recorded a demo, stopped CSS, went back in without the hack on, played the demo and the wallhack/crosshairs etc weren't showing. The only thing that looked bs was my aimbot which i had smooth aim to 0. It looked really legit, so @ cdswarf1 I'm pretty sure it'll be fine :P

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    Visuals wont shot up on demos. If Cal-AC makes screenshots the visuals will show up on there!

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    Has this hack ever been tested in Cal before tho?

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    how do i know if it wont be suspicious or anything and is there any for cevo proof?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bukakee View Post
    Has this hack ever been tested in Cal before tho?
    Yes many times.

    Quote Originally Posted by tnbzrocka View Post
    how do i know if it wont be suspicious or anything and is there any for cevo proof?
    You will need to spend a few hours practising in public servers to get used to playing with your cal configs and yes it is cevo proof.
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