im thinking about p7 vip
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    im thinking about p7 vip

    1. is it .dl and .exe the vip
    2. when u dl does it come up as a trojan

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    Yes, it has .dll file and the .exe file. It also has instructions and config's. When you download it will not show as trojan. Checked with Kaspersky and ESET.
    Then you just run the .exe file , start your game, press insert when you enter server and thats it.

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    yyea, ummm if i uploaded the rar to virustotal wud it come up as anythn like faulse positives? cheers


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    Quote Originally Posted by timisoara View Post
    p7 is the best hack for ever dont pay for or enhaced because is a shit yesterday i play in hackserver end 3 nobs have RH vip end enhaced vip end me use a publick hook my hack is better RH vip or enhaced vip dont pay for RH or Enhaced vip is shit p7 is the best i love im think i want to buy p7
    EA is down... lol.. but yeah p7 is the best hack

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    Danske, the shitty avs MAY say, that it has some kind of "virus". But they are 100% false positivies.

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