It is not hard to find at YouTube and other services also in an excellent music, but illustrated with pictures, say, sad to see. In those hours you whether it is worth saving the video on your computer, and you are interested only by audio.

Or let's say you found a rare version of a song you love, m to the video is unnecessary. What to do? One option is to use YouTube to MP3Converter, a program that you download only the audio of videos found on YouTube.

You can also extract audio from any type of file that has FLV. And you also defines the quality of the MP3 file created.

In a single screen, you set the whole process of extraction of audio.

Simply insert the link to YouTube, choose a folder to save the audio, set the quality in three pre-defined settings:

* High - 256 kbps.

* Optimal - 192 kbps.

* Standard - 128 kbps.

* Economy - 96 kbps.

It is still possible to enter information and facilitate the identification tags of the file. Then, just start the conversion to take his file to MP3.