Some presale questions.
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    Some presale questions.

    A while ago, I was considering P7.
    Then I ran into some other hacking forums..and heard P7 was terrible. They said all you guys do is **** and ****..And the hacks are ******** but when you come on and complain they edit posts/ban you.
    Is this true? Of course if it was you would say it wasn't, but still, lol.

    The hack seems amazing, I'm just not rich so I wouldn't wanna get vacced.

    Is this FUD Vac2?
    How many times has it been ********?
    Good support?
    Can the CSS hack look VERY legit-like?
    And would I be able to use the hacks on a zombie mod server without it bugging out?

    Other then that I'm pretty sure I'm buying. Answer those questions pl0x.
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    About the feedback you have been hearing about P7, normally the other sites, seeing that P7 is a strong competition, they'll obviously flame it.

    To know the honest opinion of the subscribers, check this out.

    I believe it hasn't been ******** over two years, can't confirm, but the vip is pretty good.

    The legit-like will depend somehow on you, if you use wallhack, don't expect to seem legit if you looking straight away the walls, but if you can't feign it, yes, even the aimbot is pretty legit alike.

    Yes, you can use on Zombie Servers. I believe the hack might only find minor problems, if mods are used by the client.

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    you only get vac banned if you don't update the hack.

    to look legit,turn off the global switches for esp,visuals and materials,and look for a legit config in the subscriber area :)

    i never get accused, even though i have a kpd varying from 2 to 3.5 :)

    i think nuf said init :D

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    Lol elijah. You can play with esp unless your a dumbass who makes 90 degrees turns back instantly when you see enemy (;
    Btw use genoc1des legit awp / deagle chest aim , turn on the aimbot activation to 1 and you can take kpd 15. Elijah are you serious that you play legit with 3kpd? (:

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    yes,and i am not the only one :)

    but i don't go for the kpd of 3 all the time,that would be suspicious innit :)

    we should play together,so you can see :)

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