Purchasing - Average Wait time?
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    Purchasing - Average Wait time?

    I was wondering how long it took for the hardware ID to be entered into the database.
    I just purchased them (Verified, atleast I believe) and I had the $30 on my paypal ready. It says payment is completed so. Just wondering =]

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    At the most, 48 hours.
    If your lucky you will probably get it activated around 12:00 PM CST

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    Lol. I got it activated about 2 seconds ago =] Now for hardware ID yay! (Is there anyway to find out if its in the system?)

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    Im adding them right now so in about 10 minutes you should be ready to go :)

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    Yay thank you psp4ever =]. I hope this was worth it (I know the freebie was damn good)

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    You have been added go have fun.

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    Thanks for purchasing and enjoy the cheat software.

    *Typically, payments will go through within a few minutes or it may take up to 24 hours depending on the payment director or for Project-7.net's anti-fraud system.

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    i reposted my hwid,and it got added max 10 mins after,that was pretty nice :D

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