project-7 vip is leet.
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    project-7 vip is leet.

    Those who do not have p7 VIP, honestly you have no fucking idea what your missing. stop using those buggy outdated public hacks and buy the real shit. You can play in VAC secured servers, rape people and make them cry and not get banned or even accused, depending on what settings your using..

    This is a moderate sample of what you can do in a server with p7 VIP HACK. I did this in about 12 minutes, using legit configs that h4ting hooked me up with.

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    Nice... is it legit? looks like rage.

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    i raged for the last 15 kills lol, after i got killed 3 times while i was afk for like 20 seconds.

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    lol i doubt someone didn't call you a hacker

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    nobody did.. I wasnt blatant at all and I just camped in a corner. Unless your some 13 year old kid whos on their period, you would not of called me a hacker.. i was very sneaky xD. Some people suspected, saying their was something fishy about me but nobody flat out said i was HACKING. I started out 16-0 the first 2 minutes so..

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    lmao looks like rage to me, nice score tho ^^

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    People are idiots for thinking you weren't hacking.

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    they are because nobody flat out said i was "hacking"

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