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    Payed for VIP

    I payed for VIP using a different email address to the one i signed up with, will i still get VIP on this account?

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    as long as u paid through this account,matchacker

    also u can go to see your subscription on project-7

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    yeah i did it on this account, ok thanks :)

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    Thank you for purchasing and donating to Your payment is currently being processed through our anti-fraud system, so you should be able to access the subscriber forums within the next few minutes or hours. Thanks again~

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    I also purchased VIP, again, this time lifetime (about 15 hours ago). I sent a few PM's out to support people and no luck yet. If an admin needs the paypal transaction # tell me who to PM to get this rolling, i used this account for the payment obv.

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    still no vip im guessing its fucked up

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    naw, if you paid by paypal through credit card, then you would get faster access

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    Oh, why's that? i payed by paypal and it used the funs in my account, surley that is enough?

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    Oh, neve mind just looked at my paypal and its took it from my bank - thats why its taking so long.

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