What Project-7 truly is. * Video inside
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    What Project-7 truly is. * Video inside

    With the Project-7 VIP Cheat Software tested, played with, I have to say, that it's ridiculous... it's ridiculous how cheap this hack is for the features that it has. The possibilities are bizarre... from one moment I was raging a server, everyone knowing that I was cheating and even if busting my balls, I could say"So what? You can't do shit about it, now bow down and die". This kind of power is pretty scary for the ones who defy it.
    But the most amazing thing that I got to find in Project-7 ain't the raging, it's how legit you may look even using it, with a good configured aimbot, triggerbot, wallhack of whatever feature you want to, if properly used, no one will doubt of you, because in the demos, you do seem legit!

    Many ask for the feature 'Screenshot proof', but I ask, do you really need it? I cheated on ESL, did a hell of an exhibition, with aimbot, noflash, nosmoke, and some other non-visual features, and no one second doubted me, no admin busted my balls, nothing!

    What I have known by using Project-7 VIP Software, is that, it's a privilege to use this, the way you want to use it, it's pretty much endless.

    Safe, Legit, Complete and Brutal.

    A small footage of random kills on a 4minute record session. No one, would be viewing my demo, would be on spec, no one, would doudbt of me, and yet, I was using aimbot... How ridiculously awesome is this?



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    It's alot better then that shity **** site n-vision aswell. Don't waste ya money kids, buy the real shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
    It's alot better then that shity **** site n-vision aswell. Don't waste ya money kids, buy the real shit.

    n-vision sucks ass their old hack was much better floxy can suck a dick

    also you need to turn down the editing level it is too edited I can barely see the hack working
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    Nice, what legit configs do you use? hook me up with em, ill pm you

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    That video is very nice, I like the effects you have done to it. I've seen what you can do with the special effects, and I would love to see the cheat software in full motion such as in full rage. Thank you for your contribution.

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    Nice, but does your screen still shake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubermicro13 View Post
    Nice, but does your screen still shake?
    Yes. Specs still see screen shake if No Recoil and No Spread are on. But still, you don't need that option to own, seriously, you don't.

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    pm me with configs please.

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    You will need the latest vip version for the configurations to work.
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    pm me with the configs please

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