A Nooby In Peril
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    A Nooby In Peril

    Before i spend my money on what I found to be the leetest hack on the net,
    I don't know that much about computers ect... So I have 3 questions.

    So what do you need to run P-7 Vip is it the same as public or do i need better Computer equipment?

    Can I keep my skins for CSS?

    and lastly, What makes it vac "proof"?

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    -If you can run the public you can run the vip.

    -You can keep all your skins.

    -Fum1n uses advanced methods to hide his software from gabe.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by psp4ever View Post
    -Fum1n uses advanced methods to hide his software from gabe.

    ROFLMAO xD, Awesomely said xD

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    Simple question and simple answer.

    1. You will need Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Vista 32/64 bit and Service Pack 1 or 2.
    2. Yes, you are able to keep your custom models for Counter-Strike: Source, the cheat software does not manipulate the model files located in Steam. Just run the executable file and you're ready to go.
    3. We cannot give out the answer to this one, but Project-7.net uses state of the art technology to make our software un******** by major leagues and VAC.

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