Project-7 CS:S Cheating Software
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    Project-7 CS:S Cheating Software

    Cheat Software Details:

    • Status :: Un********
    • Version :: 3.3


    • 1 Month :: 9.50 GBP
    • 3 Months :: 16.92 GBP
    • 6 Months :: 24.72 GBP


    • Counter-Strike: Source
    • Counter-Strike: Source Beta
    • Team Fortress 2*
    • Day of Defeat: Source*
    • FULLY WORKING WITH - Microsoft Windows XP :: 32/64-bit & Service Pack 1/2/3
    • FULLY WORKING WITH - Microsoft Windows Vista :: 32/64-bit & Service Pack 1/2
    • FULLY WORKING WITH - Microsoft Windows 7 :: 32/64-bit

    * Not all features compatible.


    • Anti-Leak :: Prevents sharing from unauthorized users
    • VAC :: Secure protection from Valve Anti-Cheat System
    • zBlock :: Secure protection from zBlock Anti-Cheat System
    • DeToCs :: Secure protection from DeToCs/Detox Anti-Cheat System
    • KAC :: Secure Protection from Kigen's Anti-Cheat System
    • VBAC :: Secure protection from Very Basic Anti-Cheat System
    • Other Public Third Party Anti-Cheats*

    General Features

    • Bone Aimbot
    • Hitbox Aimbot
    • Vector Aimbot
    • Aimbot Activation Binds :: Select a virtual key that activates aimbot
    • Bone Number Labels :: Labels bone numbers on target
    • Field of Vision Targeting :: Aimbot selects targets using Field of Vision Targeting
    • Distance Targeting :: Aimbot selects targets using Distance Targeting
    • Legit Aim :: Slows aimbot movement to look LEGIT
    • Aim Team :: Forces the aimbot to aim at both enemies and teammates
    • Auto Aim :: Automatically aims at the targets
    • Auto Attack :: Automatically attacks at the targets
    • Auto Wall :: Automatically shoot targets through objects
    • FPS Prediction :: Advanced frames per second prediction for accurate aiming
    • FPS Correction :: Advanced frames per second correction to increase performance
    • Latency Prediction :: Advanced latency prediction for acccurate aiming
    • Anti-Spawn Protection :: Forces the aimbot to not aim at players with over 125 HP
    • No Spread Corrections :: Perfectly removes spread from guns
    • No Recoil Corrections :: Perfectly removes recoil from guns
    • Customizable Crosshair :: Fully adjustable Crosshair
    • Remove Smoke Particles :: Removes all smoke particles
    • Remove Flashbang Effect :: Removes the flashbang effect
    • XQZ Wall-hack :: Draws players' model through objects
    • Name ESP :: Draws targets' name
    • Health Bar ESP :: Draws targets health in a bar
    • Health Text ESP :: Draws targets' health by text
    • Box ESP :: Draws a box around targets
    • Weapon ESP :: Display targets' weapon
    • Distance ESP :: Shows the distance between the user and targets
    • Optical ESP :: Draws optical items around player
    • Visibility Check :: ESP changes color upon visibility
    • Anti Aim :: Fully adjustable anti-aim/viewangle modifications
    • Bunny Hop :: Keeps the player jumping when holding down jump
    • Auto Pistol :: Shoots pistols without jamming and like rifles
    • Start-up Configuration :: Easily transport and displace cheat configurations
    • Auto-exec Configuration :: Automatically execute console commands/variables
    • 24/7 Live Support :: 24/7 live-support by forum and instant messaging
    • Weakly Updates

    Cheat Software Footage

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    VAC2 - 100% VAC2 proof! Hah! It sounds cool! But what about other dung chunk like "Detox Anticheat"?

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    When you say "100% Vac2 proof" does that mean the system will NEVER detect it, or it was just Vac2 proof at the release?

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    Never ********.
    How To Contact Me@[b/]

    Private Message me for any important issues or just say Hi :) I'm not a robot.

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    Would you like to work in the cheating industry ? Project-7 is hiring a varient of new employees. We're currently in requisite of quite a few talents to add into the relaunched company now that we have a more professional and precise structure in place to provide real paid work for anyone willing to help our team grow:[/b]

    We're currently looking for multiple types of forum moderators and content creators/posters, we're offering quite a few paid positions for you to just talk about cheats on the community!

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    A. Yes not sure about 64bit.
    The hack works flawlessly on 64 Bit Windows Vista Ultimate :)

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    LMFAO! T0ny in one of the pics, the admin tried to ban you, but banned himself. Good game nigguh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runescape View Post
    LMFAO! T0ny in one of the pics, the admin tried to ban you, but banned himself. Good game nigguh.
    LMAO i know.. some noob admin..GG :p

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    GG T0ny LOL Look at that nub admin.

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    Hahahaha that is sooo funny, fucking 840 kills.

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