My P7 Vid
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Thread: My P7 Vid

  1. #1 Video's by me

    Will edit when I make more.

    Watch the video and that's my testimonial.


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    Love the video, thank you for your submission.

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    nice buddy.

    next time try my config, those shots with ur ak47 might be 1shots =)
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    Good job, nice video!

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    Updated for the Non VIP people who need to get VIP right now!

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    very nice video, i liked it alot!

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    Nice videos! what's the name of the second video music? it's awesome!

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    DaCaV5 - Tetris

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    The second Video is by far way better, it truely shows the newest and best quality of the Project-7 VIP. Very good job.

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    love the vid man nciee:)

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