Paypal payment without cards added
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    Paypal payment without cards added

    I would like to pay through PayPal account, but i don't have any credit cards, so I send money to my paypal account through bank transfer.
    Now, when the money arrived on pp account, when i want to order v.i.p., it says i need to add a credit card to finalize the transaction ;(( ...

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    not to sure mate. wait till admin/vip member gets on to give you more info.

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    that worked back in 2008 and before but now you will have to PM or make a new thread concerning that to pay with paypal.
    if you use to PM you will of course have to send it to Fum1n.

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    You will need to negotiate with fum1n, financial CEO, about your issue. He will set up everything for you.

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    Ok, thanks guys, I'll pm him just now

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