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    People are always talking shit about P7 and how terrible their VIP is. I believed everyone until I took the risk to buy the VIP. After using the hack ONCE I realized that the people I listened too were all wrong, because this is probably the best cheat I have ever used. Nothing gets better than going 30 - 0 in a server and no one even saying a thing about you hacking, only how good you are. Raging servers using P7 is outstanding, there is no other cheat like it. I was a little disappointed when I went HVH, but as soon as I found the right configs I was top in the server.

    This hack is outstanding. It has everything you need and the best part is, is that it's
    100% VAC PROOF. If you don't have the hack already BUY IT NOW. Nothing gets better than P7.

    ~CPSX Aka Chopstx
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    Thanks for the testimonial, glad you enjoy the software.

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    Thank you for submitting a great review and explaining how the "rumors" are wrong. Thanks again.

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