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    Im a long time user of the Free versions of P7 hacks, lately they have become somewhat unsatisfiable. After taking a look at some of the VIP videos, it seems that they are MUCH better quality and i was seriously considering getting these hacks. Although i have a few questions.

    1. Will I get a refund, or a partial refund if Project-7 EVER decides to close down, or becomes closed down, if my "20 Years" is not over yet? And/or, if I do not want to keep my Hacks for the full 20 years, and at a later date decide i want to cancel, do i get the remainder of my Years money back?

    2. If i become VAC2 banned from using Project-7 VIP hacks, will i be provided with a new Steam account, or will i be provided with a FULL refund of my VIP money?

    3. Do VIP members get anything more than just Hacks? such as first picks at Steam account.

    These are a seriouse set of questions, if you are not going to answer them seriously, please do not post. Please only Project-7 Staff or current VIP members provide any type of information.

    Thank you.
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    1. Can't answer that, Probably not because it is a virtual item.

    2. No you won't get a new account.

    3. We get a few more things but they ain't very private someone might post a script of some kind in the VIP forums.

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    1. Before buying, you can read: "This is a virtual item and not refundable by any circumstances."


    VIP members do get more than the hack, but not that. Everyone has the right of buying an account, whoever is first buying the account has the right of having it. But only VIP members can sell and make trade threads on the "Trade Market Section".

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    Well thank you for the Information. I'm definitely going to buy VIP, hopefully soon lol. Anyways, you all take care.

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    1. No you will not, it's a virtual item and refunding on it is against PayPal's terms.
    2. No you will not, but you don't have to worry as it is VAC un********.
    3. You are paying for forum access, not hacks.

    I will also like to add that in the private section of the forum, only accessible by subscribed members (VIP), there is a thread regarding on how to receive up to 3 free Steam accounts. Hope to see you become a subscribed member soon.

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