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    Hack Review

    I have used a lot of hacks but this is the best hack I have used so far. I recommend it, so if you are thinking to buy it, BUY IT!

    Now on to my review.

    HvH: Not the best for HvH I will admit, but not many VIPs are good for HvH. I had a good config and everything, but I don't think it's the best for HvH, definitely beats the other VIPs in it though.

    Rage: I loved this hack for raging! The best rage I have used that is vac proof. If you are looking to really rage and piss some people off, I really recommend this hack to all of you. If you are looking to rage, get it!

    Legit: Man, I loved this hack for legit! It was the best I really would recommend it! I played legit in a scrim with KaLmaH and we owned all the other teams. I loved the triggerbot and the aimbot for legit. Perfect settings. The triggerbot made me own.


    HvH: There's HvH for TF2?

    Rage: Never raged with this hack.

    Legit: Really nice for legit had a lot of features for a LITE hack. The aimbot was amazing, if I could recommend one thing, it would be no aiming at invisible. I had TF2 for a while and I hacked on my first day ever playing and I could brag. I loved the achievement unlock. When I did it my friends messaged me and were like "How did you get all of those achievements in 3 seconds.

    This hack is great! If you are looking to buy it, definitely get it.

    If you want to see my Videos go to the My P7 Vid thread.

    Scrimmers: PreTend0, KalMaH, 2 other guys.
    Last edited by Sasuke2255; 12th June 2009 at 01:44. Reason: Added scrimmers so pretendo doesn't feel left out.

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    Thanks for the review!

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    Good review, gave us a lot of information on the downsides but a lot of information on the upsides. As for hack versus hack in Counter-Strike: Source, there are a lot of people with bad rates, interpolate rates, and other barriers. Honestly, hack versus hack is just corrupt and stupid. I can see how it died out fast after Catalyst became extinct because there was not as much developers, just .exe renamers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PreTend0 View Post
    nice, i like how u forget i was in the scrim to with kalmah, in fact, i do remember i am the one who INVITED U lol....

    anyways good review i havent tryed the tf2 hack yet gotta check it out
    rofl i was in a scrim with him?

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