just payed..

Thread: just payed..

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    just payed..

    just payed.. how long till i can veiw the css hacks? or what ?

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    You already have the acess to vip forum. Post your HWID and you will get activated in 24 hours or less.

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    then what happens ? after hwid is done ?

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    Then a mod must add your HWID to the system and you can use the hack.

    Note: You can download the hack now from the VIP forums but you can't use it till your HWID is added to the system.

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    link the the hacks ? plx

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    only 2 posts in there with no hack programs ?

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    Search for it on the vip forums. I could give you a link but i don't have acess to the VIP forum.

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    I have just added you to the system. Enjoy!

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