$10 hacks
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Thread: $10 hacks

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    $10 hacks

    If i purchase the $10 hacks, will i be able to download the hack and use for 10days?

    Whats the chances of getting vacced.

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    how do you know

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    So when i gets update you have to download the hack so agen?

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    Also, if i get the $10 do i get a free steam account or no?

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    I want to buy em, but i jsut dont want to get vacced. All i will use is the walls and esp no aimbot....

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    Quote Originally Posted by PreTend0 View Post
    You wont get VAC banned. try the 10day trial just to test it.
    on the contrary there is always a chance of being vac banned.

    Its a chance you take. I suggest using a $5 dollar steam account to hack on though.

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    how do i get one of tthose accounts

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    trust me you wont get VAC mate

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    I hope ure right, i dont wanaa use aimbot all i want are walls and esp.

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    If you are so worried about VAC buy a 5 dollar account from geno.

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