I want to buy but
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    I want to buy but

    "Validity periods marked * indicate that purchasing this subscription is recurring, this means after the period is complete it will automatically be renewed."

    That is the thing whats hold me back from buying P7 :/
    If i buy the 3 Day Test every 3 days automatically 7 dollar are going to be paid?
    Can i easy stop this auto 3 day pay trough paypal or its very much work and i have to wait years till i can stop the subscription?

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    yep u gona be poor if u buy

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    You can stop the renew through your paypal.

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    You can cancel the recurring subcription any time. There's a tutorial on VIP section about it.

    Good luck :D

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    As Gin123 stated, there is a tutorial in the subscriber forum detailing how to cancel your recurring subscription. Hope to see you as a VIP soon!

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